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The LIVE Webinar will be the cornerstone of the Academy. Following a strategic curriculum based on the needs of sales professionals in the security industry, Academy members will have access to a live webinar at the same time each month. Each webinar will cover a unique topic, and encourage interaction, polls,questions, and comments throughout the session. All webinars will be recorded, and all members will have access to the archived recordings.

Private LinkedIn Group Membership

All Academy members will be invited to join a private LinkedIn group. The LinkedIn group provides a forum to the members to interact with each other, ask questions, share ideas, etc. Academy instructors will post discussions related to the monthly topic, inspiring interaction and conversation among the members. Of course, the Academy instructors will answer questions and provide input.

Two Monthly Video CoachingBoosters

Twice a month we’ll produce a two to three minutevideo with a special nugget of information based ofthe current topic. These video will be easy to viewfrom smart phone or computers. All videos will bedelivered through Eyejot, making it easy for you toaccess with one click

10 Minute Sales Management Webinars

Sales managers are some of the most over worked and underappreciated roles in the security industry.We will produce and deliver a very brief webinar that will offer sales management coaching to all current and aspiring leaders. These session are built for the sales manager’s schedule – brief, to-the-point, and useful tools to help you improve your sales management performance.

Monday Morning Motivator Emails

Every Monday Morning you’ll receive an inspiring but real email in your inbox from an Academy instructor.We understand the roller coaster you ride, and the impact that a positive state of mind can have on your sales results. Our goal is to help lift you out of the weekend into a productive and fun week ahead. Each e-mail will be brief, to the point, and motivational in nature.

Vector Firm Yeti Tumbler

The Yeti Tumbler has become one of the most sought after gifts for any busy sales professional. Keep your hot coffee hot, or your cold beverage cold with Yeti’s customized Vector Firm 20 oz. Rambler Tumbler.

Members-Only Academy Packages

See the member packages, evaluate which plan is right for you, and let's get your sales training webinar scheduled. Our LIVE webinars are the cornerstone of our Academy. Each webinar will cover a unique topic, and encourage interaction, polls,questions, and comments throughout the session.