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Vector Firm Sales Academy is built specifically for the Security Industry and Managed Service Providers – Our mission is to teach modern ideas of selling that work perfectly with the modern way of buying.

About Vector Firm Sales Academy

The Vector Firm Sales Academy contains the training, tools and resources you need to turn ideas into habits and action resulting in more business, higher income and better sales performance in the Security Industry. Learn more about how you benefit by scrolling through the features below.

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Every Month a NEW Live
Sales Training Webinar with Q&A


Every month brings a new topic.  The main event of the month is a live webinar at the same day and time.  “Live” because real-time discussions and questions are critical to the quality of a webinar.  Even if you have to miss a webinar, you can access the recording, but the recording will be of a live session with interaction from the audience and a moderator – much more impactful than a studio recording.  

Monthly Lesson Plans

These Lessons reinforce the topics we cover in the monthly LIVE Webinar. This will help you take topics and put them into action!

Podcast interviews

Each month we interview different security and IT professionals about what’s working for them in the marketplace – their success stories help you see what’s working. 

Training Videos

Each month 2 short training videos related to the monthly topic will bring value and clarity 

Members Only Blog

For Members Only – you’ll gain exclusive access to articles that teach, motivate and inspire.

Vector Firm Rewards

A points program that gives you rewards and recognition for your participation. 

Plus so much more…

  • Archive Library of Material
  • Morning Motivator Emails
  • Dashboard to Monitor Your Progress
And more to come…

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Time Management for Sales People