Step 1 – How to use this Lesson Plan

August 2017 – Strategic Prospecting – Getting in the Door Using Email

  1. Read the whole plan to understand where we’re heading and the ultimate goal.
  1. Don’t worry about being exact or perfect in your answers. The end result will likely be the same whether you’re 100% correct or just close.
  1. You can use this Lesson Plan for various subjects. For example, you might run through this exercise for one product line, or for your company as a whole.  That’s ok, but make sure to define the subject for which the exercise is directed (e.g. access control line, company as a whole, etc.)
  1. Don’t get too caught up in the customer type. Keep the customer general when performing this exercise.  When you bring your clues to a sales call, you’ll be able to make the right adjustments depending on the type of customer.
  1. Keep your clues handy so you can take 30 second to review before every sales call. Many clues are slight and hard to see unless they’re fresh on your mind – a quick glance in the parking lot or lobby helps dramatically.