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What is Vector Firm Sales Academy?

The Premier Online Sales Training Community for System Integrators & their Technology Partners

In the last 10-15 years the buying behavior of your customers has changed drastically. 

  • Researching new technology
  • Checking prices
  • Interacting with salespeople

Everything has changed!

Unfortunately there hasn't been a sales training platform built for the security industry that addresses these changes - until now! 

The Vector Firm Sales Academy is a sales training platform created specifically for System Integrators & their Technology Partners

Our mission is to teach modern ideas of selling that work perfectly with the modern way of buying.

So if you are looking for up-to-date sales training built specifically for System Integrators or their technology providers, then scroll down to explore the details of a monthly membership.

Introducing The Vector Firm Sales Academy

The Vector Firm Sales Academy has been created for sales people that work for system integrators and their technology partners.  The Academy is a continual sales training program that provides lessons on different topics each month.  We understand the hectic schedule of today's salesperson, so we've designed our training to be fully implemented in less than 90 minutes per month.

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Every month brings a new topic.  The main event of the month is a live webinar at the same day and time.  Even if you miss a webinar, you can access the recording of the live session.  Several learning exercises are delivered throughout the rest of the month:  an action item for members to implement that will help them turn the ideas into actions, two short videos, a podcast interview with a subject matter expert, and a blog post.

Monthly Webinars

The core of the month's lesson is the webinar, delivered live on the second Friday of the month at two times:  10:00 am and 1:00 pm Eastern.  The Webinars provide the teaching of the month, and are delivered by Chris Peterson and a different guest moderator every month.

Action Items

Our goal is to help our members learn new ideas and put them into action.  Therefore, every month we provide an exercise for our members to do that will help them use the concepts we teach in the webinar and make them more effective professionals.  The Action Items provide the implementation of the month.

Podcasts & Videos

Our podcast interviews with different sales professionals and our brief videos have become very popular offerings. In the twenty-minute podcasts and three-minute videos, we tell stories and discuss real-world ideas about the month's topic.  The Podcasts and Videos provide the learning retention (and entertainment) of the month.

Points & Rewards

As you progress through each lesson plan, you'll earn points and will be able to compete against other members of your team and all Academy members. Our points program gives you rewards and recognition for your participation.  The Points & Rewards provide the competition of the month and year. 

How do seasoned sales professionals benefit from a
membership in Vector Firm Sales Academy?

Watch the short video below as Dan Rothrock, President Security & Safety of the Americas at Zenitel, 
discusses the value his team gets from their ongoing investment.

Here’s what more members are saying
about Vector Firm Sales Academy

Curtis Nikel


Recently, a prospective client stopped responding to us and went cold. When this happened we wondered what to do next. Well, we went to the notes from the “how to write an email” session. We focused on the techniques you shared and wrote an appropriate email. Within 30 minutes of sending the email the end user was back talking to us and we have now received an order for our services. Many thanks for both the program and the training you provide.

John Nemerofsky

SAGE Integration, Inc.

Chris's transformative wisdom delivered from exceptionally prepared courses in from Vector Academy is an invaluable resource strategically designed to deliver lasting results for anyone, whether you have twenty days or twenty-years of sales experience.

Ryan Loughin

NextGen Security

Vector Firm is definitely on to something. Their content is not only industry specific but the content is as relevant as I’ve ever seen in sales training. Chris and his team do an amazing job addressing the real life issues and challenges today’s security integrator is faced with. 

Paul Rux

Zenitel USA, Inc.

I used your Vision Meeting format last week for a huge project with a longtime customer and it worked AWESOME! Thanks Chris for the teaching as I will forever be a Student in the Art of Closing The Deal.

Christine Lanning

Integrated Security Technologies

In order for us to remain at the top of our sales game, we need to make sure our team is getting top notch sales training, and we get all of that from Vector Firm Sales Academy. 

Recent Topics We've Covered in Academy

What I Like About This Session: I guarantee that you’ll take away one idea that will help you. I’ve got about 25 – 30 that I’ll be sharing in this short webinar.

What I Like About This Session: I’ve created our 30-minute session specifically for our audience, with the objective of laying out a foundation for your public speaking skills for all situations … not just sales presentations.

What I Like About This Session: In 30 minutes, we deliver a complete strategy for closing business – from early in the process to the moment of decision!

A Note to Sales Leadership & Executive Management

As a manager, you probably recognize the benefits of ongoing training of your salespeople - especially during this everchanging time in which we're living.  However, most leaders tell me that they don't have the resources to deliver sales training to their team.  That's why we've centered Academy to meet your needs. Every month, you'll receive the following deliverables on a different topic.

  • We'll teach relevant content to your team through a webinar.
  • We'll reinforce the information with a podcast, two brief videos, and a blog post.
  • We'll assign an action item to your team and send you the material and instructions to coach and hold the team accountable.
  • You'll have a dashboard that lays out the performance of each of your salespeople, showing you their quiz scores and overall points rewarded for participation.

In summary, we create relevant content, teach and reinforce the content to your team through webinars, podcasts, videos, blog posts, and action items, and we give you the material and coaching to hold your team accountable.

"This topic-driven approach allows our team to receive best in class sales training without occupying too much time away from seeing customers and continuing to evolve as a company."

- Mike McGuirk, Vice President of Sales - CGL Security

Learn more watch the overview demo video below:

Our Next Live Webinar
How to Build Habits of Sales Excellence

Friday December 9th, 2022 10AM & 1 PM Eastern


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