Vector Firm Academy Book Club

Fanatical Prospecting

By Jeb Blount

Fanatical Prospecting is the best book that I’ve read for getting into accounts in today’s post-Internet world of business-to-business buying. Although it’s rather “salesy”, the concepts and beliefs are solid.

Why we recommend Fanatical Prospecting?

As you’ve probably noticed, generating new accounts is a popular topic in Vector Firm Sales Academy. We believe that the traditional methodology of prospecting on which most of us were trained is flawed. Trying to push our way into accounts is no longer working because our prospects don’t need us for information anymore. Also, it’s a lot easier for them to hide than it was before voicemail, automated lobbies, and email. Unfortunately, most sales books still teach the “more mud against the wall” strategy, which just doesn’t work anymore. Fanatical Prospecting understands the challenges sales professionals have today and addresses them with real ideas.

The author, Jeb Blount, presents to a general audience, so you’ll need to tailor the concepts. And that leads to the primary reason we’re recommending this book: Fanatical Prospecting will stretch your ideas beyond the tailored lessons we provide for our industry, without contradicting our beliefs in using prospecting to become known as a subject matter expert.

Also, it’s a fun read. Enjoy

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