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The JOLT Effect: How High Performers Overcome Customer Indecision

By Matthew Dixon & Ted McKenna

If you are ready to supercharge your sales efforts, check out The Jolt Effect. Much like Matthew Dixon’s previous bestseller The Challenger Sale (highly recommend it) which flipped the script on traditional sales strategy and teaches how to handle the complex sale, The Jolt Effect is another breakthrough in sales methodology, based on a meticulous study of more than 2.5 million sales conversations.

Why do we recommend The Jolt Effect?

The sales process continues to change and the relationship between buyer and seller is ever evolving. What I love about this book is the timeliness of its release (2022) and how it builds on what we believe based on our work with most salespeople, that top-performing sales reps understand something their average peers don't: addressing customers' fear of failure is the key to closing deals.

It is full of real data, insights, and practical tips. This playbook is for salespeople and for bridging the gap between customers' intentions and actions.

Most of what you read these days, and frankly a lot of the coaching we do is centered on prospecting and presenting solutions to solve clients’ problems. No doubt, this is an essential part of the process that will not go away, but once the presentations have been done, demos completed and proposals have been submitted, most salespeople default to a wait-and-see approach to closing deals or they continue following the old-school advice of pushing customers to see all the ways they can succeed by cutting deals and pitching more solutions.

The Jolt Effect reveals the surprising truth: once customers decide to buy, they're not focused on success anymore—they're afraid of failing and this is when more deals disappear than the average salesperson realizes.

Whether you're a seasoned sales pro or just starting out, this book is will take your game to the next level.

This book is a fast read, immediately applicable (you’ve got deals dying right now) and I appreciate that the content is relevant to our industry the same as it is to others.

Unleash the JOLT Effect and start closing more sales than ever before!

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