December 2018 – Winning the Committee Decision


This month’s topic covers one of the principal changes in post-internet b2b sales: the decision-making process.

December’s Topic:  Winning the Committee Decision

Overview:  In today’s buying environment, decisions are being made by committees more than by single decision-makers.  In a study of thousands of companies, conducted by the Sales Executive Council between 2007 and 2010, the biggest surprise they learned was that the number one reason that bosses make purchasing decisions is not price, not relationship, not reputation, or any of the predicted answers.  The number one reason a “decision-maker” selects a vendor is because of agreement among their people.   In other words, decision-makers are extinct.  Committees make decisions today – it’s all about collaboration (and a bit of CYA, too).

In this month’s lesson plan, we’re going to lay out a few concepts and specific ideas that you can start practicing right away that will help you win the committee decision… and it all starts with our webinar this Friday.