June 2018 – Bionic Listening


Friday, June 8th, 2018 – Bionic Listening

Bionic Listening Distractions fill our lives today. A typical meeting with an account consists of a customer that is 30% engaged and a salesperson that is 60% engaged. Both people are distracted by text messages, social media posts, requests with an expectation of immediate responses, etc. After this session, you’ll be able to immediately implement a process that goes beyond active listening and will enable you to spot verbal and non-verbal clues that you may be missing today. And by listening at such a deep level, you’ll be able to drastically increase your customer’s engagement, too.

Learning Objectives

  • Implement a simple process for your next meeting that will allow you to truly listen to the real answers your distracted customer is telling you (or not telling you).
  • Utilize a 30-second checklist that will help you understand your customer’s position before you meet.
  • Uncover the real problems that your customers are having – completely differentiating you from other salespeople.

What I Like About This Session: My favorite part is that we present ideas about listening that aren’t taught in sales books. Also, I love how simple the techniques are. They can be used immediately, with no practice.

Timing: This session will take about 30-35 minutes.