November 2023 – Finding and Communicating Value – Part 1


Title: Finding and Communicating Value – Part 1

Context:  Everyone in sales talks about value, but most people only communicate solutions or worse … products. If we’re unable to find and communicate value, then our customers might as well choose the least expensive option. I think the reason most salespeople don’t communicate value is because they haven’t been taught a process of finding it and then communicating it. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in the next two sessions of Academy. In Part 1, we cover the four-step process and dive into details about the first step.

What I Like About This Session: We illustrate the vast difference between communicating value and simply providing a proposal. Don’t assume you know this already – join us and feel it!

**BONUS POINTS:  Remember, everyone that joins the live session at 11:00 AM Eastern will receive an extra 50 points!