October 2017 – Making an Immediate Impact with New Prospects


Making an Immediate Impact with New Prospects

You’ve worked extremely hard for months (maybe years) to secure an appointment with a prospective customer.  They finally say “yes”.  Now, what do you?  Remember, in today’s world of buying, customers don’t think they need sales people.  This is your chance to completely differentiate yourself from their current vendor, and prove that they need you.  This is your one chance to make the first impression – which is more important today than ever.

In this session, we’ll share a four steps to making a major impact on your audience.  If you implement the ideas in these four steps, your new prospective customers will think: “Wow, our current provider is nothing compared to those them.  We’ve got to work with them.”

This Course Lesson will Start the week of October 16th, 2017