September 2021 – Selling to Technical People


Context: Communication is challenging in any organization or relationship. If two people speak different languages, it can be even harder. If two people speak different languages but don’t realize it, communicating effectively is impossible. Many times, that’s what occurs when a salesperson tries to sell to a technical buyer – they’re speaking different languages, but the salesperson doesn’t realize it.

In this session, we’ll teach you how to sell to technical people, what to do, and most importantly … what not to do!

What I Like About This Session: All of you will learn a new idea. I’m an analytical person who has been involved in selling technology since 1998. I have developed a million little ideas on this topic that I’ll share in this session. (Maybe not all one million, but several.)

**LESSON REMINDER: You must complete each step below in order. The system will not allow you to jump ahead.