Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

byBy James Clear

Author James Clear is one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation. In his book Atomic Habits, he lays out an easy framework for improving your life and reveals strategies to help you form good habits while implementing simple, yet effective, methods for breaking bad ones. Our brains are wired to complete activities that are both easy and provide immediate gratification. Once you understand how likely it is that your everyday systems (habits) are failing you, you will see the incredible impact tiny daily habits can have on your life and your future. Atomic Habits provides a proven system that will help you change your habits and take your life to new heights. You will learn how to make time for new habits, overcome a lack of motivation and willpower, and design your environment to make success easier. Additionally, once you learn how tracking your habits and finding an accountability partner will help you succeed, you can stop spinning your wheels, get unstuck and shift from 2nd gear to overdrive for the results you have been looking for.

Why we recommend this book

Why do we recommend this book?So far, our book club has focused on 4 works, none of which are actual books on selling. That’s not a coincidence. The 3 Minute Rule has great stuff, but it only works if you apply it to what you are doing. Herein lies the challenge for most us. We haven’t formed the right habits and discarded the bad ones so that we can make the best use of our resources. In an iconic scene of a popular 1996 film, Jerry Maguire, disgraced sports agent Jerry (Tom Cruise) begs his client Rod (Cuba Gooding Jr.) to meet him partway. “Help me, help you.” Help me, help you… Most of you, our clients, have the best of intentions. You are attentive, complete your work and actively participate, but some of you are still not achieving all of your goals. Others, find yourselves simply going through the motions and not fully engaged or committed because your bad habits are getting in the way. Together we can break that cycle, and with tiny daily changes you can see big results. It doesn’t work the other way around. Too many of us get it backwards, attempting big changes and expecting instant success. Like those New Year’s resolutions that only last a few weeks, it is exhausting and not sustainable. For me personally, Atomic Habits has been a shot of personal development adrenaline. As a team, Vector Firm is working on ourselves to be the best coaches and consultants we can be, so help “us” help you by doing the same, and start establishing better habits today. Your spouse, family, boss and clients will thank you for it.

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  1. (4/5)

    I read (should I say listened to) Atomic Habits a couple of years ago and it’s a keeper! The power of tiny habits is… mighty.

    I packed my lunch into the office today….leftover pineapple, chicken and rice. Rice is the most popular grain globally consumed by humans (More Corn grown but most for animals). Anyhow, ice reminds me of Atomic Habits. So small yet tasty and versatile. There are over 40,000 varieties of rice…probably more so are habits.

    What I really got from this book was how and why to ‘habit stack’. The benefit of connecting tiny tine rice size habits that make a big impact. I have incorporated a couple of stacks and need to connect a few more. Over 90% of rice is consumed in Asia. I bet you over 90% of people who consciously stack good habits are successful over the long haul provided that also includes the integrity of character.

    The book is a bit cerebral. The author rights and speaks like a scientist or engineer so it’s not so entertaining but loaded with good content so I give a 4.4 out of 5 stars 🙂

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