December 2018 -  Rob Ledenko - Winning the Committee Decision

Listen to my podcast interview with Rob Ledenko, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Smiths Detection.  Rob is constantly managing seven figure sales opportunities and knows how to win the committee better than anyone I’ve met.  In this interview, he shares some of his secrets.

November 2018 -  Bruce  Whitaker - Five Tactical Ways to Get in the Door

Listen to the November Podcast interview with Bruce Whitaker, Owner of Whitaker Advanced Solutions LLC in Glendale, Arizona. Bruce is one of the best sales prospectors in the business and in this podcast he shares some of his secrets to success for scheduling appointments in the security industry. 


October 2018 -  Michael Rivera - How to Sell Service Agreements

Listen to the October Podcast interview with Michael Rivera, Business Development Manager at Strategic Security Solutions in Raleigh, North Carolina. Michael shares his experience in selling service agreements with specific strategies for what he does to be successful. 


September 2018 - Chris Peterson & Jamie Gosweiler - Digital Tools to Assist Sales People

Listen to the September Podcast where Jamie and Chris discuss some of the Digital Tools covered in this month's session.  We also share a must-have tool that can be a real game changer for your next sales presentation.


August 2018 -  Rod Whited - 7 Ideas to Beat Low-Cost Providers

Listen to the August Podcast interview with Rod Whited, a Managing Director for Northwestern Mutual in Gainesville, Florida.  Rod shares his experiences and insights on competing against low cost providers.

July 2018 - Shad Williams - Delivering Excellent Sales Presentations

Listen to the July Podcast interview with Shad Williams, VP of Sales for TeleTracking.  Shad discusses his secrets to delivering excellent sales presentations. 

June 2018 - Jessica Ely - Bionic Listening

Listen to the June Podcast interview with Jessica Ely, Account Executive at Security 101.  Check out my interview with Jessica Ely, Account Executive at Security 101 in Orlando, Florida. Jessica shares her insights on overcoming distractions with unique listening techniques. 

May 2018 - Jeremy Hunter - Modern Day Networking

Listen to the May Podcast interview with Jeremy Hunter, Account Executive at Vision Security Technologies.  Jeremy shares his experience and success for networking and the key to generating referrals. 

April 2018 - Joe French - Modern Day Prospecting

Listen to the April Podcast interview with Joe French, President of Express Badging.  Joe shares his professional experience and insight on how he has successfully navigated prospecting throughout the shift in buying behavior over the past decade. 

March 2018 - Ray Coulombe - Developing Relationships with A&E Firms and Consultants

Listen to the March Podcast interview with Ray Coulombe, Founder & Managing Director of SecuritySpecifiers. Ray talks about the resources available at SecuritySpecifiers and shares his insight and importance of investing time on developing relationships with A&E firms and consultants.  

February 2018 - Tracy Poindexter - How to Ask Questions Part 2

Check out my interview with Tracy Poindexter, Director of Sales at BlackHawk Datacom. Tracy shares how they've turned around success (quickly) by positioning themselves as experts and how "Super Questions" can work in real world scenarios. 

January 2018 - Lynn Welch - How to Ask Questions Part 1

Check out my interview with Lynn Welch Vice President of Business Development & Marketing for EMS.  Lynn shares her experience and results her team has achieved with the 'Disarming Authority Statement' from both a sales and lead generation perspective.