December 2019 – Gannon Switzer – Setting and Achieving Your Sales Goals

Of all the people I know, my guest in this month’s podcast is the first person I’d talk to about setting and achieving goals.  Check out my interview with Gannon Switzer, Executive Vice President of D/A Central.

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November 2019 – Larry Eby – Handling Changes at Your Accounts

Check out this month’s podcast with Larry Eby, COO of Vast Broadband. Larry shares a story about one of their largest accounts that experienced multiple changes at once, putting him and his company in crisis mode.  Some great examples of what to do and what not to do!

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October 2019 – John Walsh – Selling to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Accounts

Listen to this month’s Podcast with John Walsh Senior Account Executive with Access Security.

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September 2019 –  Ron Petrie – Twelve Quick and Easy Business Development Ideas

Listen to this month’s Podcast with Ron Petrie Sr Account Manager with NextGen Security.

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August 2019 –  Joe French – Selling Managed Services to New Prospects

Listen to this month’s Podcast with Joe French, President of Express Badging.  Even though Express Badging still sells traditional on-premise badging equipment, 100% of their messaging to new prospective customers is about their managed services … and it’s working!   

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July 2019 –  Joe Perretta – Protecting Your Turf – Seven Ideas to Keeping Competition Out of Your Accounts

Listen to this month’s Podcast with Joe Perretta, Senior Account Executive at Netronix Integration.  Joe shares his experience, insight and some old school techniques on what he does to keep the competition out of his accounts. 

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June 2019 –  Januari Santiago – Time Management for Sales People Part 2

Listen to this month’s Podcast with Januari Santiago, Healthcare Account Manager at IST in Hawaii.  Januari shares her experiences on how she manages time and productivity including tricks on managing more than 150 emails per day working in of all places – Honolulu, Hawaii. 

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May 2019 –  Jeff Coutu – Time Management for Sales People Part 1 

Listen to this month’s Podcast with Jeff Coutu, Senior Account Executive at CGL Technologies, and Master Time Manager.  Jeff shares his experiences in productivity from his time covering North America for a manufacturer to working a local territory for an integrator. 

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April 2019 –  Mitch Winden – Proposal to Close…How to Win

If coffee is for closers, then Mitch Winden, Regional Sales Manager of D/A Central is permanently wired.  Check out my podcast with Mitch on which he discusses his experience in closing business. 

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March 2019 –  Paul DiPeso – Selling Cloud (Hosted) Services

Listen to my podcast interview with Paul DiPeso, Executive Vice President at Feenics. Paul shares his unique experience and insight on what successful companies are doing differently to sell hosted services. 

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February 2019 –  Cam Middleton – Ten Ideas to Building and Nurturing Relationships in Today’s Environment

Listen to my podcast interview with Cam Middleton, Strategic Account Manager of Symantec, and one of the best relationship sales people I know.  The unique thing about Cam is that he has changed his methods over the last 20 years and continues to let his relationships win business.  

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January 2019 –  Lee Thompson – How to Sell Your Value Proposition

Listen to my podcast interview with Lee Thompson, Director of Sales at Advantech. Lee’s selling style isn’t one that follows a process, and that’s why I chose him for this month’s topic of How to sell Your Value Proposition – to challenge our thoughts about a specific timeline of stating one’s value. 

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