December 2020 Session - Brian Gouin - Nationwide Security Corp.

This month’s podcast is posted. In this episode, I interview Brian Gouin, Senior Security Consultant at Nationwide Security Corporation. Brian's competitive nature and experience  along with his shared appreciation for 'Man's Search for Meaning' made him the perfect guest for this month's podcast.

November 2020 Session - John Plooster - Code Blue

This month’s podcast is ready! Because of our topic, Nine Things Salespeople Should Expect in 2021, I chose John Plooster of Code Blue as my guest. While building their 2021 plan, John has communicated with independent reps, distributors, integrators, and end-users to understand their thoughts on the market as we move out of this pandemic. He has his finger on the pulse of multiple layers of the market.

October 2020 Session - Michael Traniello - Technical Systems Group

For this month's Podcast, I interview a co-owner of a systems integration company that has mastered the science of executive summaries. Mike Traniello of Technical Systems Groups shares their best practices of writing executive summaries and a success story in which he believes their executive summary won them a seven-figure project! Enjoy our conversation…

September 2020 Session - E.J. Foreman - Benefitfocus

For this month's Podcast, I interview someone from outside the worlds of security and IT. E.J. Foreman is an Account Executive for Benefitfocus, and has the responsibility of managing their SAP channel. Since I’m friends with E.J. and knew about the complexities of his role, I knew he’d be perfect for this month’s podcast. Check out our conversation - it’s always good to hear from professionals outside our space.

August 2020 Session - Mike Ruddo - IST

For this month's Podcast, I interview Mike Ruddo, Chief Strategy Officer at Integrated Security Technologies, based in Herndon, VA. Mike shares his vast experience and expertise on forecasting and pipeline management that has helped his business grow at double digit rates in a healthy and profitable manner. 

July 2020 Session - Brandon d'Augereau - Blackhawk Datacom

For this month's Podcast, I interview Brandon d'Augereau, Account Manager at BlackHawk Datacom. Since Brandon began his career in engineering, I thought he’d be a perfect guest to discuss the challenges of Asking Personal Questions … and he was.  Enjoy our conversation.

June 2020 Session - Maureen Carlo - BCD International

For this month's Podcast, I interview Maureen Carlo, Director of Strategic Alliances for BCD International. Maureen was the first person I thought of for this interview, because of the way she goes about her business with strategic partnerships. She offers her perspective and experience from both the integration and manufacturing side of the business when it comes to partnerships. 

May 2020 Session - Chris Lanier - LRG

Don’t miss my 22-minute conversation with Chris Lanier, President of LRG.  We talk quite a bit about relevance during this time, but his input is valuable for any salesperson at any time. 

April 2020 Session - Todd Pettinger - Vunetrix

Listen to this month's Podcast featuring Todd Pettinger, Director of Technology for Vunetrix. Todd has been delivering or supporting up to 75 virtual sales calls per month for the last several years and he shares some of his secrets and new ideas from the last couple of months. 

March 2020 Session - Mike Neff - State Security

Listen to this month's Podcast featuring Mike Neff of State Security. Mike shares his experience and unique insight in the world of professional selling in B2B environments.

March 2020 Special Session - Steve Wagner, Gannon Switzer & Dave Sweeney - Industry Leaders Podcast

You’ll want to listen to my discussion with three industry leaders to hear how their companies are managing the COVID pandemic – the impact it’s had on their businesses, actions they’re taking with their customers, and the leadership they’re providing to their teams. To listen to my extended conversation with Steve Wagner, Gannon Switzer, and Dave Sweeney, click the play button below

February 2020 - Ryan Loughin - How to Handle Objections

In this month's podcast, Ryan Loughin, President of NextGen Security (who gave us the idea for this session) shares his insight and experience on handling objections in the marketplace. 

January 2020 - Jamie Gosweiler - Creating Your Outbound Calling Plan

In this month's podcast, I thought it would be a good idea for Jamie and I to discuss the similarities in outbound call planning to digital marketing content planning. During the recording we discuss the changing roles of marketing and salespeople.